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End Grain - Reversible Round 18"L x 18"W x 3"T Cutting/Carving/Chopping/Serving Board

End Grain - Reversible Round 18"L x 18"W x 3"T Cutting/Carving/Chopping/Serving Board

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Bring a beautiful and functional natural wood surface to your kitchen.  
Professional grade and of true heirloom quality, all of our end-grain cutting boards will be a long-lasting addition to your home kitchen. 

BoisBloc's reversible cutting/carving/chopping/serving boards ALWAYS feature "end grain" butcher block construction. The more durable, self-healing, end-grain butcher block construction yields a stable, solid cutting surface that is kinder to knives' sharp edges - making them a popular choice for chefs and cooks that rely on sharp knives for speed and accuracy in their profession.

Double Duty:  More than a cutting, carving, or chopping board, these elegant boards make ideal serving platters for all social gatherings. Use it as a cheeseboard, charcuterie board, breadboard, dessert board, etc.


Flat on one side and routed with a generously deep juice groove on the other side,  Finger grips for lifting have been routed into the 3" thick walls on two sides. Soft rubber feet are provided (easy peel and stick application) to elevate your board from wet surfaces and provide stability for cutting tasks.

With 18" x 18" (2.25 square feet) of elegant end grain surface area, projecting 3" tall - and weighing approximately 30 pounds - Our square block is a statement piece in any room!  

Our master woodworkers insist on using only the highest-grade lumbers sourced from renewable, responsible, sustainable sources. They slowly kiln-dry the rough-sawn boards till they reach optimum humidity/dryness levels for optimal glue-up, guaranteeing long-term structural stability of the end product.   

Board selection is not random, our craftsmen diligently select and group boards by a variety of characteristics including color, tone, and graining.  Wood grain direction is a key characteristic taken into account as it will influence the stability of the bloc.  Only non-toxic, solvent-free, FDA-approved for indirect food contact wood glue is used through the glue-up process.  After the final sizing and routing of all outside edges, the finger grips and the juice groove are artfully added to each board.  Each board is then stewarded through the many, many stages of sanding and surface planing.  End grain is notoriously difficult to sand compared to sanding edge grain. Achieving the desired smoothness is a time-consuming and laborious process.  Once ultimate smoothness has been achieved, each board is conditioned and sealed with a mineral oil and beeswax treatment, arriving at your door pre-seasoned and ready to use!


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